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UNI Ozone Monitors Used in Corona Virus Disinfection

Currently there is much interest in using UV and ozone generators to kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 disease. Hospitals and businesses are treating entire patient rooms, offices, and other workspaces during off hours while no one is permitted to enter the rooms. During ozone treatment, concentrations over 20 ppm are recommended by generator manufacturers for adequate disinfection. UV light kills viruses directly, but may generate some ozone as a by-product. Workers using batch equipment sterilizers, where several thousand ppm of ozone may be applied, also need protection. Ozone is highly toxic to humans, and therefore UNI ozone monitors are being employed to ensure that residual ozone has decomposed or ventilated before employees can re-enter the workspace safely. Ozone has an 8-hour TWA exposure limit of about 0.07 ppm in many countries including most of Europe. In the US, the ACGIH makes the following 8-hour TWA recommendations:

  • 0.05 ppm for heavy work
  • 0.08 ppm for moderate work
  • 0.10 ppm for light work
  • no more than 0.20 ppm for any 2 continuous hours.

The UNI Ozone monitor has a resolution of 0.01 ppm and can measure up to 5 ppm ozone with a response time of 60 seconds, making this small, low-cost unit convenient and accurate for protection of the workforce.

23 April 2020

mPower Electronics Inc.

mPower Electronics' Updates on CoVid-19

In order to meet urgent needs for public health and worker safety, our dedicated staff continues processing purchase orders as essential tasks, and makes timely shipments from our offices in Pasadena, TX and Santa Clara, CA. The state governments of California and Texas have ordered citizens to stay at home in a bid to contain the coronavirus outbreak. While these two offices are locked down during normal business hours, we will accommodate critical pickups if advanced arrangements are agreed in compliance with the pandemic gather rules.

In addition, our Shanghai factory has been shipping orders globally since the 1st week of February 2020, and has been running at a full capacity since early March.

We are very grateful to our loyal customers for giving us business, and would like to thank our employees for keeping it going in such a severe pandemic period.

Let us stay safe, healthy and strong!

mPower Electronics Team