mPower Electronics Inc.

mPower Electronics' Updates on CoVid-19

In order to meet urgent needs for public health and worker safety, our dedicated staff continues processing purchase orders as essential tasks, and makes timely shipments from our offices in Pasadena, TX and Santa Clara, CA. The state governments of California and Texas have ordered citizens to stay at home in a bid to contain the coronavirus outbreak. While these two offices are locked down during normal business hours, we will accommodate critical pickups if advanced arrangements are agreed in compliance with the pandemic gather rules.

In addition, our Shanghai factory has been shipping orders globally since the 1st week of February 2020, and has been running at a full capacity since early March.

We are very grateful to our loyal customers for giving us business, and would like to thank our employees for keeping it going in such a severe pandemic period.

Let us stay safe, healthy and strong!

mPower Electronics Team